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Don’t Be Afraid of Red!

Red 1
Editorial & Photography By: Christopher Cooper

I enjoy exploring older neighborhoods and looking at the older homes. I pay particular attention to the architectural details and the paint colours used, as this is my special interest.

Many people have a fear of painting their house a bold colour such as red however red is a fabulous colour to make both a historic statement and to make an impact on your streetscape.

If you live in a rural setting, painting your house red will separate the house from its organic and inorganic surroundings.

It’s time to bring back colour, to show how much we appreciate our old homes particularly all the interesting architectural details which are lost amidst a blur of dull colour. We should accentuate the unique features of these old styles. Let’s spice it up a bit, shall we? Although bold and brash – there is nothing to be afraid of when choosing RED!


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