Are you ready for Old Home Living Television?

Well, here we are folks, it has been nearly twenty years since Old Home Living Magazine (formerly Edifice Magazine) began publishing. We have toyed with an idea of a television show, even given the opportunity for a one-hour weekly series on a mainstream cable network. The recent troubling times with the pandemic have slowed our debut on the small screen until early 2023.  So, what to do, what to do? Instead of waiting we have decided to start rolling out short episodes of Old Home Living streaming television in the interim.

So, as I said, here we are, we will start rolling out shorts this month (April 2021)! We have some amazing episodes of beautiful before and after projects completed by Edifice Guild artisans to share with a host of informative and exciting episodes on how to get your old house… right!

If you have not subscribed to Old Home Living, please do as each episode will be delivered directly to your email box. Looking forward to sharing my expertise and the Edifice Guild members expertise, so, stay tuned folks.


Dr. Christopher Cooper | Host of Old Home Living  

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  1. conservest says:

    Hi we have followed you for years , two things , what is a domain name? Two we have friends moving to Nova Scotia , any suggestions as to a recommended area to settle. They are handy with their hands and tools and like to be away from town a little .

    Mike Williams

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