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Mission Statement

Ann Lee, the founder of the Shaker Society, was credited with the quote, “Do all your work as though you had a thousand years to live, and as though you were going to die tomorrow.” At Cambridge & Ross, our mission is to deliver nothing less then excellence in every project we undertake. Our mandate is to operate with honesty and integrity and to dedicate ourselves to upholding the values and skills inherent in the history of traditional craftsmanship.

Meet Our Team

Krista Ross, 

Member Of Edifice Guild, Principal Designer, Chief Executive Officer, Cambridge & Ross Inc.

Peter Lunney, ARIDO,

Vice President and Executive Director, Cambridge & Ross Inc.

After many years of service to her clients through Krista Ross Interiors, Krista fell in love with and bought an 19th century home that was in her words, “An Old Grand Dame in desperate need of a facelift.”  Knowing old homes presented their own unique challenges, she threw herself into the arduous process of a complete restoration with the passion and enthusiasm her clients know her for. Regrettably, each step forward in the process revealed hidden issues and problems that presented their own unique challenges.

“What I found to be the most frustrating, was trying to hire trades who had the specialized skills needed in a house or building of this age. Without exception, every licensed trade or contractor we dealt with treated the project as they would a new build with modern construction techniques. I quickly realized if I didn’t find someone who was properly trained to undertake a sympathetic, historic restoration, we would be compounding the damage this house has suffered as a result of previous ill-conceived renovations.”

After extensive research Krista discovered Dr. Christopher Cooper, a British trained Architect and eminent leader in Heritage Restoration design and preservation work. Dr. Cooper has a renowned reputation worldwide and has done work for both the private and public sector. Krista applied for and was accepted as one of 6 students to study under Dr. Cooper in the Edifice Heritage Maintenance Program; an intensive program designed for professionals.

Krista’s design philosophy is that every space is as unique as the person who will be using it. Although Form Follows Function is key to any successful design project, Krista believes the most crucial element is to convey a client’s personal vision in a manner that also compliments the architectural style and period of the building itself. 

“I listen very carefully to what my client is telling me. Often people are unsure or even nervous to convey their desires or vision of what they like to me because of the perception that in order to achieve elegance, they must throw away pieces that they love in order to conform to a certain ideal. One of my first goals in meeting a new client is to ask them to show me what they love about their home, what works for them, what doesn’t, and to point out any pieces they have that they don’t want to part with. It could be anything from a couch that has seen better days, to a cherished family heirloom. Whatever it is, I make it my mission to incorporate it into the design plan. If I had to quantify my signature style, it would be eclectic. I love to mix contemporary pieces with antiques, combining elements from iconic design periods to bring unexpected combinations together.  I believe interior design should be a feast for all the senses. The hand of different fabrics, dynamic colour combinations, a wall awash with the prisms of a crystal chandelier in sunlight, a cherished antique settee given new life with a fabulous new fabric, the luxurious look of custom-made window treatments, all carefully chosen to reflect my client’s taste and lifestyle. Nothing makes me happier then seeing delight reflected in my client’s face.  A heritage home or building, restored to reflect it’s original architectural design, can reflect a glorious marriage of modern convenience and historically correct elements without sacrificing one or the other.”

Antique Acquisition and Refurbishment.

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