Second Chance Preservation & Restoration

Serving Huron County, Ontario


There are many types of windows and each can be restored to their natural state. I only use proven methods and materials to bring any window back to its original splendor.

Traditional windows can be restored to operable condition and adjust easily by ensuring the weights, pulleys and cords are in good condition and that the windows are well balanced for ease of use.

Every effort should be made to restore heritage windows which are mostly made of wood and will last indefinitely when properly maintained.

From Georgian windows (1800-1830), to Greek Revival (1830-1860), Italianate (1850-1870) and Queen Anne (1880-1900), I can bring life back to them all. These beautiful pieces of our heritage deserve a Second Chance!


Thoughtfully and appropriately designed restoration projects can preserve the integrity of the masonry and continue its life for decades of enjoyment and use.

The strength, density, porosity, colour, composition and many additional elements must be taken into consideration. The properties and characteristics of the masonry are different on each job, dependent on many factors, all which must be taken into account before starting.

Heritage brickwork is strong, sturdy and beautiful. If done correctly, it can breathe life back into any building and make it last for many lifetimes.


  • I believe integrity to be the most important asset in my business! Working with the homeowner and being honest… goes a long way!
  • The best testament to my ability is taking pride in my work and my reputation for quality.
  • Quality workmanship, service, and maintaining high standards attract business.
  • Every building deserves a “Second Chance”!  Preserving history.. one brick at a time!


Second Chance Preservation and Restoration is a heritage preservationist firm who specializes in window restoration and masonry.

Second Chance Preservation and Restoration has recently signed on to do windows and brickwork on the historic Post Office in Seaforth, Ontario.

After completing the heritage work at the Post Office, Second Chance Preservation and Restoration hopes to continue education relating to the lost arts of Heritage buildings and concentrate on preserving other historic sites that need attention.

Contact Second Chance Preservation & Restoration today to discuss your next project:

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