Edifice Guild

A Commitment to being One Heritage Guild – inclusive and representative of all our skilled guild’s members across Canada.

Maintenance of Our Standards

One of the Edifice Guild’s primary objectives is to preserve the high standards we have built upon since 1983. For it is the quality of members’ work which achieves public recognition, and the consequent reputation for quality which attracts extra business for all members.

The symbol of the Guild’s reputation for quality is the Edifice Guild logo.

Unsuitable applicants, identified by the Edifice Guild’s strict vetting procedures, are automatically denied membership. Existing members, who allow their standards to fall, resulting in verified complaints from the consumer, are refused permission to continue membership. In this way the Edifice Guild plays its part in maintaining the quality standards which protect those who are genuinely working with skill and integrity.

Membership of the Edifice Guild can be the most important asset in many businesses. In the eyes of prospective consumer, any new member is automatically identified with long-standing members who have already shown their determination to provide quality workmanship and services. This gives reassurance to prospective consumers deciding who to hire for their next project. It also places an obligation on the new member to live up to these high standards.

You will be helping yourself by helping us to maintain these high standards at all times.

Third Party endorsements

Having Edifice endorse your work, praise your achievements, and promote your successes, is the best testament to your ability. It always sounds more credible when praise for your company doesn’t come out of your own mouth!

People trust someone who already has an established credibility like Edifice.

People always look for opinions. As humans it is our nature to look for more options before deciding. We always look for: Where to go? What to eat? What to wear? What company to hire? And hearing those opinions from an authority we look up to, makes the decision making much easier.

People don’t want to be sold.

As a business owner, you start your business with all marketing and sales strategy. And these efforts end with the goal of selling but the consumer (your target market) don’t want to be sold.

The public trusts Edifice!

When conveying your message to the public it is easier to spread your message with Edifice’s network of followers and subscribers. But aside from introducing your service/product, the consumer also has the impression that you are good because someone they trust (Edifice) is also trusting you. People who know you become comfortable doing business with you.

Let us promote your work!

  • Get your heritage work featured on The Guild and Old Home Living websites. We like to feature completed projects and any press coverage on The Guild website and in marketing material.
  • Appear in Old Home Living Magazine.
  • Get your heritage work promoted on our social media sites.
  • When you become an associate member you will receive a welcome article about your business that will be shared through all our social media outlets and subscribers.

Our Mandate and Mantra

The Edifice Guild’s objectives are to assist members to obtain more work, by increasing consumers perception of their skill and integrity.

There is a need to bring together all skilled craftspeople and heritage professionals engaged in a craft, art, related product, profession, trade or vocation to safeguard their interests. To perpetuate the survival and success of their particular heritage craft.

We want to provide clear identification and recognition for members, so as to enable the public to distinguish them from the unskilled and unscrupulous!

To promote to the public the work of our guild’s members, their integrity, professional expertise and honour, their high standards and the value for money which they offer to the consumer.

We publicize these high standards through our television series Heritage Places Television and Old Home Living Television and Magazine, and through our social media channels and national advertising. Thus, creating public awareness of the ideals and aims of the Edifice Guild and its members.

We are the artisans, we need to unite, we need our voices to be heard and to preserve our future!!!

Edifice Guild Benefits

Online Guild Resource Guide: A digital resource directed to municipal government an Non for Profit Organizations (i.e. municipal heritage, museums, and trusts) and to the public (Heritage Home Owners), with direct embedded links to your website or contact information.

Continuing articles promoting the guild and its members in Old Home Living Magazine Articles. Inclusion in the Stockist list at the end of each article when the article pertains to your business.

Email referral service to the consumers. We receive many emails from subscribers to Old Home Living Magazine – looking for qualified craftsmen in their area – we will provide a return email with direct contact links.

Continuous social media representation for the Edifice Guild, and Old Home Living brands over all our outlets.

Inclusion in the online directory in the consumer area of the Edifice Guild and Old Home Living website(s), by province and discipline.

Representation as a stockist, in all of our consumer eWorkshops with our education platform the Edifice Atelier.

Reduced rates on our content marketing programs. For example: digital film series, promotional videos, third party content marketing articles based on your brand. Don’t have a website? We can provide a web page with a unique web address directly on our site.

Ongoing training and upgrading courses and workshops with the Edifice Atelier to train guilds members on new aspects of their business.

Technical briefs, articles and videos.

Complete design service (heritage and modern), colour consultation and client representation (design project management).

*The use of the Edifice Guild logo on all your printed material – i.e. your website, letterhead, business cards etc.

Yearly meet and greet and awards symposium.

* The Edifice Guild Logo cannot be used on a product showing endorsement, unless an endorsement agreement has been made with the product manufacturer and the Edifice Guild.

Promote your Edifice Guild status

Display the Edifice Guild emblem with pride on your vehicle or at your premises

Add the Edifice Guild emblem to your website

Use the Edifice Guild emblem on your stationery or advertisements

Start you journey with The Edifice Guild today!

What are the next steps?

The main requirement to becoming a member of The Edifice Guild is to be highly skilled and professional in your chosen heritage trade. This takes into account all aspects of your work and your business.

After applying to be a member, an assessor will interview you via Zoom conference, to discuss all aspects of your workmanship and your business, and make a decision on your suitability to become an associate member.

Fill out the form below and we will reach out to you.

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