Learn to build a She-Shed, Man-Cave, Backyard Studio, Tiny Home or cottage!


Intensive, Two-Day Workshop… Saturday June 22 & Sunday June 23, 2019

In this completely hands-on workshop, I will teach you how to build your She-Shed, Man-Cave, Backyard Studio, Tiny Home or cottage… on a small budget. How to look for that perfect piece of property (or even your own backyard) and build in a modular format to be able to build your wall, roof or floor sections… anywhere! Once you are ready, you can then ship to your property and possibly set up the enclosed shell over a long-weekend!

My name is Dr Christopher Cooper… about 35 years ago I started my career as a hands-on architect and engineer, designing and building small homes (under 400 sq. ft.) for the Japanese market. I guess I was ahead of the times as a few were designed and built to be movable (on wheels). The modular prefabricated timber walls, roof, and floor sections were built here in Canada, and then sent off to Japan via container ship. It was, and still is a passion of mine!  The challenge in building small homes or cottages is to provide lots of storage, all the while providing an open, non-claustrophobic environment.


A little backyard she-shed built entirely out of architectural salvage materials. The total cost was for the screws and the final paint.

Humble Home Header.jpg

Some of the things you will learn:

  • Use tools safely,
  • All Ontario and National building code requirements will be discussed,
  • Learn how to find, collect and use architectural salvage to reduce your budget,
  • A complete review of the budget and costs involved,
  • The design philosophy… learn how to build a beautiful and bespoke She-Shed, Man-Cave, Backyard Studio, Tiny Home or cottage from the ground up including the timber frame structure, interior and relevant renewable systems,
  • How to build a scale model of your dream She-Shed, Man-Cave, Backyard Studio, Tiny Home or cottage,
  • Build several of the modular floor, roof and wall sections of a humble house, and understand the advantages of different layouts,
  • Foundations… will your She-Shed, Man-Cave, Backyard Studio, Tiny Home or cottage be on wheels, or a permanent foundation?
  • Clad and insulate the walls,
  • Basic electrics, including renewable energies,
  • Build different types of roofs and their materials,
  • Install windows,
  • Include a composting septic system, and basic plumbing,
  • Heating your tiny home,

Floor Plan

A Cottage Plan that can be built for under $30,000 with the tools of knowledge this course provides.

Jam packed with hints and tips you’ll leave this intensive course feeling ready to exert your artistic flair on a She-Shed, Man-Cave, Backyard Studio, Tiny Home or cottage of your very own or to act as an educated general contractor. Whether that’s a little off-grid homestead or cottage, a workspace in the garden or a glamping pod for summer getaways. We have two days to do this, you will learn how to build wall, roof and floor sections on our Tiny House project at The Oxford Campus. As an added benefit you will take home a complete set of drawings of our micro-cottage to get you started, a $500 bonus.


The Homesteader can be built for under $40,000, with the tools of knowledge this course provides.

Things You Need to Know:

Due to the nature of this course some practical work will be done outside. We strongly advise you to bring waterproof clothing and steel toe-cap boots. Work gloves and safety glasses are mandatory.

You must be over the age of 18 years when this course starts.


Cost: $300.00

Full payment is due upon booking your place, remember this course sells out very quickly. There are no reduced rates for couples.  However, large groups (6 or more attendees) can be discounted at the Edifice Atelier’s discretion.

The Edifice Atelier reserves the right to cancel any courses. Deposits and fees will be returned in full should this happen.

As this workshop fills up quickly and is on a first come first serve basis our cancellation policy is to provide credit for another workshop time of same value if you cannot attend.

We have a limited amount of space for this workshop… book soon as we usually sell out very quickly

Secure Payment Edifice Tiny House


Located at the Edifice Atelier Oxford Campus, just 5 minutes west of Cambridge, Ontario

867395 Township Rd 10, Bright, ON N0J 1B0



Edifice Atelier Education Fair and Open Day

Edifice Education Fair

Saturday, May 4th 2019 10am-4pm

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our Edifice Atelier Education Fair and Open Day, an exclusive event taking place at the Edifice Atelier’s Oxford Campus.

Whether you are interested in continuing education, learning new skills or participating in a fun learning environment, there is something for everyone including classes for children. Courses will be posted very soon.

The Education Fair and Open Day takes place on Saturday 4 May 2019, and will epitomize everything that Edifice stands for. Focus will be on the Edifice approach, and our unique emphasis on independent learning, crafts, art and education, building crafts demonstrations and meeting with Edifice Atelier educators. The Edifice Atelier is for members and non-members alike – and it’s absolutely free to register!

Register now for the chance to win one of our prizes!

The Edifice Atelier Education Fair and Open Day is free for all, but registration in advance is essential and required. Register now by filling out the form email below (you will receive confirmation and an attendee pass). When you register, you are also be automatically entered into our prize draw and have the chance of winning one of the following prizes.

1st Prize: We are giving one Education Fair and Open Day attendee a free place on one of our popular homeowner or continuing education study courses in 2019.

2nd Prize: We are giving one attendee a 50% off voucher for any of our courses (Homeowners course, or Continuing Education Course) in 2019.

When you register (and attend) for the Edifice Atelier Education Fair and Open Day, you also have the chance to book a discounted place (15% off) in any of our e-learning or live courses.


Exhibit at the Edifice Atelier Education Fair and Open Days

The Edifice Atelier Education Fair and Open Days is a showcase for your skill, product or company. If you’d like to find out more about exhibiting, please contact us today by filling out the email form below.

The Edifice Atelier Oxford Campus is located five minutes west of Cambridge Ontario.

Edifice Continuing Education

Visit The Edifice Atelier Website HERE


Prequel Episode One

Here we are… our first prequel episode of Vintage Home Charm. In this episode we will introduce our three long-term project houses being restored for our full-length episodes to come this fall 2019.

In this prequel episode we will also visit Carla Emin in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia.  Carla, is truly the embodiment of living the Canadian dream – an old house junkie that has a passion for all things old, antique and vintage.  She bought a house that needed much repair, on a rural highway that has that perfect situation with several outbuildings to open a successful business.


Vintage Home Charm Television is here!

Vintage Home.png

Our New Television Series!

Hello to all our terrific Vintage Home Charm Television and Magazine followers and viewers! We have a big announcement! We have just completed our trailer (see below) for the new television series “Vintage Home Charm.” The show will follow every aspect of the restoration process for our three project houses when it airs next fall/winter. In the meantime, we will be bringing you shorts which will be a prequel to the full episodes, coming this fall 2019.

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