A Closet Solution

Many people who own traditional houses have one thing in common, the total lack of closet space!

Water-Based Paints Of Old

Paint has had a very long history as is evident in cave paintings and the Egyptian Hieroglyphs, and in the colourful 200-year-old armoire you purchased while on vacation in rural Quebec.

Architrave Restoration

In a previous article we tackled one of the most demanding projects on an old house – replacing wooden sills. We will continue this series showing a step-by-step restoration of very early window architraves.

A Sill Replacement

Many early domestic and commercial buildings built of brick and random rubble stone have wooden sills, possibly because the stone or brick mason on the job site was not well versed in the subtleties of fine-cut-stone sills or because the owner of the home could not afford such a luxury.

For The Love OF Wooden Columns

More and more terribly executed repairs are being perpetrated on original verandah, portico, or porch posts and columns in Canada each day.

A Wooden Dado

In the mid to late 18th century, lath and plaster walls were devised to hang beautiful hand-blocked wallpaper.

The Homestead

Living in a home that has been in our family for four generations has been an interesting and challenging experience.

Antiquities: Primitives, Design Essentials

I am a personal admirer of primitives. I am not talking about new items that are just made to look old, rather the items that are very old, very simple and of very high museum quality.

How To Choose Furniture For Your Heritage Home

Restoring the “envelope” of an historic building requires many skills. Not only does the restorer need to know about the various trades, but must also approach them from a historical perspective.

Storm Windows

For decades now window manufacturers have sponsored studies to prove that traditional wooden window systems aren’t energy efficient.