Antiquities: Primitives, Design Essentials

Editorial & Photography By: Dr. Christopher Cooper

I am a personal admirer of primitives. I am not talking about new items that are just made to look old, rather the items that are very old, very simple and of very high museum quality. Usually the highest quality item of any movement, whether it be Georgian or Art Deco, is most collectible.

The warmth and character that primitive antiques convey, are a fit for any décor from the minimalist to the hard core collector who wants to surround one self with the trappings of fine, very old things.

I have always found that when one of my favourite primitive objects is on display it can not help but become the topic of conversation. Where did it come from? What was its use? How old is it? Every piece has a story. Many times I buy a piece solely on the principle of “I just like it!” No need for provenance or exact dates.

I have spent many hours in built heritage sites marvelling over their collections, and how they display their items. I have included many photos of items we have found in museums around Canada. Who knows, you may be inspired to buy similar items or you may find you already have the exact “museum piece” in your collection.

And remember, trends change often. What was considered a hot collectible last year, may not be this year!

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