Architectural Millwork

Editorial & Photography By: Dr. Christopher Cooper

The true sense of a craftsman is the quality of their work! We look at architectural millwork (a.k.a. gingerbread) and are awestruck at the intricacy and workmanship that went into these pieces of wooden art! The eight images noted in this edition of Old Home Living, represents the talents of extreme artistry in the craft of architectural millwork. Many of these are the original millwork created for the home that they reside upon, and through the careful maintenance and care over the years they are as in good a condition today as they were when they were first placed there by the artisan, a testament to their skills!

Good millwork is not something that is applied without thought rather the opposite is true, it should be restrained and in harmony with the building and should be of the right era for the building. Most of the off-the-shelf gingerbread or millwork gives little regard to scale, function and harmony; millwork should always represent the organic. When replacing or replicating architectural millwork. I encourage you to contact local craftsman.

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