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A Yellow Farmhouse Event

“Company’s Coming” Antiques & Art

Editorial By: Ellen Vanbeek Berry Photography By: Dr. Christopher Cooper

Meet Yellow Farmhouse Proprietor Ellen Vanbeek Berry (left) her mom Catherina (middle) and sister Mary Ann (right) Photo Credit: Lisa Macintosh

My friend Michael Rowan’s visit (a fellow collector and seller) in October 2021 started the ball rolling to organize a small, personable, intimate and credible showing of antiques and art at the Yellow Farmhouse, just outside Caledonia, Ontario. The art of Poppa Wilson and Artist Douglas Todd was added as it’s a perfect coupling with the vintage, antiques and folk art. Michael Rowan, Robin Moore, Ben Lennox, Wilsonville Antiques and Vintage, Illieston Antiques, Okey Dokey Antiques, all took a leap of faith with me to set up again this past May 28-29 weekend.

The Yellow Farmhouse
The Yellow Farmhouse
The Yellow Farmhouse
The art of Poppa Wilson
The art of Poppa Wilson
The art of Poppa Wilson

It was great! It was well attended and everyone was happy from the customers to the dealers. Not only was it successful in sales it was a success because many people had great conversations, made new friends and visited with many old friends they hadn’t seen in a couple years!

Artist Douglas Todd

That’s what the Yellow farmhouse is about too. It’s my own personal happy place and I love seeing my customers, many I consider friends now visiting throughout the season. Sept 10 we will do it over again. This time it will be one day. We are going to keep it a twice yearly event as long as we can keep it going and everyone enjoys the day out with us. Keep on collecting and antiquing!!

The Yellow Farmhouse will be featured on “Doc” Cooper’s Antiques Elixir

Do you want to appear on the television show? Casting Call now open! Follow the link above.

Mark your calendar for September 10th! The Yellow Farmhouse is open Saturday and Sunday day May-November Closed august 10-4 Christmas open house TBA.

Directions to The Yellow Farmhouse

The Yellow Farmhouse is Located at: 697 Stoney Creek Road, Caledonia, Ontario

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