Deer Park Restoration

Serving a 200km Radius of Hamilton, Ontario

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After almost two decades in renovation and custom home building, Tom Foster began Deer Park Restoration to focus on revitalizing heritage masonry and woodwork, both interior and exterior. From repointing and plastering to windows and verandahs, from kitchens and baths to additions and structural repairs, Deer Park aims to be a full-service restoration firm. This broad scope stems from an obsession with the interconnection of building elements, and is grounded in a philosophy of care for the whole house. The fact that a post or a frame has ornamental details doesn’t mean the piece itself is solely ornamental or has no function. Beauty has an essential function too.

Trained as a historian with specific interest in 19th century Canada, and preceded by four generations of carpenters, Tom strives to balance the preservation of heritage character with the needs of day to day living.

In addition to the restoration of single elements, Deer Park can also provide project management and licensed building repair services to support larger projects.

Based in Hamilton Ontario, Deer Park Restoration serves the western GTA, the Niagara Peninsula, and will gladly travel further for a compelling project.

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