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Erin Zagar is a Full Member of the Edifice Guild and successfully graduated from the Building Pathology Programme in 2022


My love of older homes began in Dundas Ontario, where I grew up. A small town filled with a variety of heritage buildings and homes of diverse styles and compositions. After marrying and starting a family in Brampton I was looking for a change of career.

Our family completed a home renovation on our century home in Brampton in 2001, just a few years after I had graduated from my part-time studies program in Architectural Technology  at Ryerson (TMU). I realized then, how difficult choices could be for those less informed than myself. Let alone renovation decisions related to an older home. Far too many trades and contractors we spoke with suggested demolition or wholesale replacement options when planning the project. Shortly after, I left behind my career in project management in Corporate IT and launched EZDimensions, aiming to help others make informed decisions for their home renovations projects.

Erin Zagar

Erin Zagar


Over 20 years later my passion is focused on Heritage Architecture, ’Home; not just houses’, and updating or renovating them to meet modern needs. The ingredients of a good renovation project involve; obeying the rules of building codes, municipal zoning and bylaws, creative solutions and space planning, comfort and visual appeal, meeting the family needs and of course budgets. My services have been built on the principle of providing the information needed for my client to maintain control of the budget and scope of work for their renovation project. 

When renovating a senior home especially, the nature of combining the old and the new complicates the solutions and surprises cannot always be planned for. My Building Pathology skills offer my clients who own older homes the opportunity to review the current status of the existing building. This helps us get ahead of those issues that may be impacted by the project and plan for them prior to construction and build into the budget and scope of work. Better still while crews and trades are on site, other repairs or maintenance items can be incorporated into the budget to benefit the entire building.


My experience has taught me that generally the average owners of the average home put their need for the Reno project and the limits of their budget ahead of the union of the old with the new.  The exception is those who have the privilege of owning a dwelling that has safely and comfortably housed families for decades.   It’s the charm and stories the building tells that they want to append their chapter to.  All the more important is to use every tool available to keep the building in top shape before, during and after an update or renovation for the good of the dwelling and future occupants.  That union involves joining these living spaces but also an appreciation for how the materials interact and building a safe and healthy relationship for the entire house hereafter.

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