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Theodore Leischner – Housewright

I am a Journeyman carpenter with over seventeen years experience in the building trades.  I became a carpenter because I love building beautiful and useful things out of wood.  I’m also passionate about the history and traditions associated with carpentry as a trade.  I love old buildings.  I find it astounding to think about the tradesmen who built them with comparatively modest means, yet often achieved such high degrees of excellence.  More than this, however, I believe these buildings provide a  material record of where we come from and therefore who we are.  I believe that these buildings need to be cared for by competent tradesmen who are sensitive to the intricacies and specific needs of heritage buildings.  This is an important point, because there has been much heritage material damaged or entirely lost by ignorant albeit well meaning carpenters who typically apply modern building practice to historic buildings. 

During the period when this country was being settled, a housewright was a craftsman who constructed and repaired houses, especially those made of wood.  This is how I see myself:  as a craftsman who is devoted to the highest standards of quality utilizing established best practices within the industry. 

Windows and doors have important roles which determine the look of a heritage building.  Well done, the front door of a house attracts the attention of onlookers, and serves to focus  and lend coherence to the front facade.  Windows have aptly been called the eyes of a home.  Studies have shown that period windows that have been properly weatherstripped, coupled with well-fitting storm sash perform better than comparable windows available new today. With regular maintenance, these window have an indefinite service life, truly making them the environmentally responsible option. 

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