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Built heritage has been a part of me from the very beginning.  Every car trip, or even walk to school was a chance to stare upon the various architecture along the roadside. Having watched my father’s restorations since before I can remember, I began my own journey as a child by stealing hardware from around the house when no one was looking.  I would clean, polish, or lubricate these pieces before quietly re-installing them.

This would lead me to choose an education in woodworking and in Heritage Carpentry.  Educating myself to restore windows would soon become a focus after purchasing my first home, a rather dilapidated Queen Anne with up to six windows in just one room! This need to continue learning soon brought me to Dr. Christopher Cooper, and under his guidance my skills were honed, my understanding sharpened and my perspective at once both broadened and narrowed. Brought to focus.

Full soffit restoration 1837 Neoclassical Homestead

Full Masonry Repair and Restoration | Edifice Guild Approved

These avenues of education developed not just an understanding of joinery and design, but also the differences in techniques used through history and how the subtle detail many never notice on their own, is exactly the detail that contributes to the charm and character which, as a whole, cannot be denied.  This is the tragedy of so many attempts to revitalize a tired but beautiful home.  Small compromises taking away more than their share of your homes charm.

Full restoration of late 19th Century verandah.

This is my intangible skill.  Beyond the crisp, weatherized windows, past the clean, rot free porch, I bring details, the subtle ones, the ones that will cause people to compare your home to your neighbours and say: “Somehow, yours just looks nicer.”  Even 20 years after the work is done.  Because good design only happens when comfort and beauty are mixed in equal measure.

The Devil is in the loss of details.

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