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10 of the Prettiest Antique Cook Ranges – Art Cast in Iron, a LookBook

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Tea is on!

What is it that evokes so much pleasure of cold winter nights sitting around a cast iron stove? Perhaps it is the memories of your parents or grandparents weaving stories of their past, “when I was a child we would…” or perhaps it’s those memories of the best meals you ever had being cooked on a wood burning range, simplicity never tasted so good!

Here we are in the 21st century, some 272 years after Benjamin Franklin finished his first design which implemented new scientific concepts of heat i.e. the “Franklin Stove”. We have modern heating devices to heat our homes and state-of-the-art ranges to cook our food, however, we seem to gravitate to these wonderful pieces of art cast in iron to supplement our heating and yes to still cook our breakfast on.

In the weeks and months to come we will publish new articles of wood ranges and stoves: how-to choose one (reproduction or antique), how-to make sure it is safe and how to meet current insurance requirements. Best of all, we looking forward to sharing more beautiful pictures of these pieces of art cast in iron!

An antique cook range in a perfect setting.
Warming closet detail. This ingenious device would keep food warm.
Possibly one of the prettiest stoves we have had the pleasure to photograph!
Side detail.
An amazing nickle trimmed cook range, still in use today.
Step back stove with warming closet.
Another gorgeous early step back stove.
A detail shot of the early step back stove – the artistry in some of these early stoves are simply amazing.
A humble setting for an early cook range.
Detail shot – it certainly is “PERFECT”!
Detail shot – it certainly is “PERFECT”!
I love the name of this stove “Happy Thought”.
Handsome stove. Many of these stoves are still available for sale in varying levels of restoration. Check with your insurance company before investing!
Oven temperature gauge ensconced in nickle details.
Beautiful details – Manufactured in Brantford, Canada.
One of the prettiest warming closets I have seen, in solid nickle!
Another beautiful range still in active use.
Lovely art cast in iron on this “Jewel Stove”.
Lovely art cast in iron on this “Jewel Stove”.


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