Repair Your Wood Windows


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Sunday April 26th, 2020 One Day Intensive Workshop

10:30 am – 4:00 pm

This workshop will take you through the entire documentation and evaluation process – through to the full repair and restoration process of your original wood windows.

People complain about their drafty old wood windows, how about the same complaints about replacement windows and have the same complaint after spending thousands of dollars. You will never see a return on your investment as long as you live. The so-called energy savings with respects to replacement windows are marginal at best. The fact is that with the tools of knowledge and the know-how this completely hands-on workshop will supply you with will make your old drafty wood windows as energy efficient than any replacement window on the market today!


  • This workshop will take you through the entire documentation and evaluation process, to decide where to start your window restoration project.
  • How to remove the sash windows from their jamb sets is explained in detail;
  • Learn how to carefully and expertly remove the old glazing putty from the upper and lower sashes;
  • How to store, remove and clean irreplaceable original glass;
  • How to remove the paint without damaging the wood,
  • Learn how to stabilize and repair rot in sash windows as well as how-to replace wood elements that are missing;
  • Learn how to replace a corner mortise and tenon with little woodworking skills;
  • Learn how to carefully sand, prime and ready the sash windows to be reassembled.;
  • Learn how to reinstall glass and re-putty the windows;
  • How to prepare the sash for final painting;
  • How to reinstall the windows both guillotine and with weights and pulleys;
  • And, a section on a few tips on how to keep your wood windows more energy efficient will also be included.


Sunday April 26th, 2020 10:30 am – 4:00 pm One Day Intensive Workshop


The Langford Schoolhouse

1694 Colborne St E, Brantford, ON N3T 5M1

Your Instructor:

Dr. Christopher Cooper has nearly four decades of experience in the hands-on restoration and rehabilitation and design of heritage buildings both domestic and commercial on five continents. Christopher has written and researched and published many books on the workings and repair of historic homes and buildings.

Since 2002 Dr. Cooper has been the Editor-in-Chief, photographer and writer of the most influential magazine in Canada dedicated to owners of historic buildings Edifice Magazine.

Dr. Cooper is the senior fellow and founder at the Edifice Atelier an educational institute fundamentally created with the intent on educating young people on lost arts as it relates to heritage buildings and architecture.

Recently Christopher has embarked on creating several multi-award winning television series and documentaries in which he writes, produces and hosts.

Christopher has lectured all over the world and has become well known for his laid-back humorous and lively approach to his workshops.

Who Should Attend:

This Workshop is specifically designed for the amateur restorationist interested in saving his/her irreplaceable wood windows.


A very special one time offer $200.00*

*(this course is traditionally $600)

NOTE: This may be the last hands-on workshop for quite some time as we are in production of a distance learning program. Therefore, because of the limited amount of space for this workshop signup early!

Full payment is due upon booking your place, remember this course sells out very quickly. There are no reduced rates for couples. However, large groups (6 or more attendees) can be discounted at the Edifice Atelier’s discretion.

As this workshop fills up quickly and is on a first come first serve basis our cancellation policy is to provide credit for another workshop time of same value.

Pay now, payment is through a secure PayPal account

Pay with Credit Card or Debit Card

Contact us for e-transfer details email

How to get to the Langford Schoolhouse Campus:

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Michael Williams says:

    I am just in the process today of completing the glazing for eleven storm windows that I have unfortunately had to build from scratch , as they had long ago been replaced by aluminum storm windows , one of the last (NEARLY) projects in the multiyear restoration of my Empire style Brick house here in Bloomfield , Prince Edward County. It is so sad to see the disfiguring of these beautiful old homes in this area , with usually the cheapest of Home Depot Type “ replacement windows” . They are ugly but worse , as you well know most of the heat loss is around the framing not through the glass, they did not have caulking in 1876 or forced air heating systems to suck in outside air. The installers , if you can even call them that , know this as well but they simply remove the sash , and stick a new smaller window in its place, and take your money, no effort to stop the real source of heat loss , the open area around the window framing. Six to eight hundred dollars a window on the cheap side , and no benefit.

    As well as destruction of beauty and reduction of home value, people will eventually realize what is happening but then it is usually too late. Remember green is also the colour of money, and there will always be a fast buck artist waiting to find a new way to take advantage of government grants’ or uninformed clients best intentions wither it be insulation , remember UFI , or now, replacement windows.

    My house has forty four windows and storms and these restored windows will last another 100 years , If people will keep their hands off them when I am gone, replacement windows will last 20 years at best, that’s why they are called “replacement windows”

    End of rant.

    Thanks for all your good work over the years , sometimes I think there is no hope in saving our historic buildings , but we have to try.

    Mike Williams

    1. edificemedia says:

      Thank you Mike, terrific to hear from you! Let’s chat soon 😊

  2. Andrew says:

    I could’nt agree more! I have to repair 10 wooden storms and replace 6 aluminum storms over our century old windows. My wife is thinking replace the windows with something new.

    This course looks like its exactly what i need! If i can repair one and show her the benefit it might seal the deal to keep the rest!

    Any idea if this will be offered in the fall 2020?

    Thanks for doing this.

    Take care,


    1. edificemedia says:

      Hi Andy, we will have an expanded e-learning course ready next month which will provide you with all the knowledge to tackle your wood windows.

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